How Office Cleaning Services Can Help Make Your Work Space Spotless

When you think of Office Cleaning, do you picture dirty carpets, stained floors and employees slipping on a banana peel? The truth is, office cleaning isn’t all about dirt and grime. Dirty doesn’t always mean dirty and neither does professional cleaning. You might actually be surprised at what you’ll find in your own workplace, especially if you’re not accustomed to it. Instead of entrusting your office cleaning to a generalized commercial janitorial company, think about hiring professional cleaners who are particularly trained to clean specific medical offices.

For example, you may think you only need regular office cleaning done on the floors, but you’d be wrong. If you’re a doctor’s office, there are several other areas that require some heavy-duty, thorough cleaning. The carpeting might require a thorough vacuum but mopping carpets will also require special attention – especially when the doctor uses a wet mop to wash down their hands or the sink.

In fact, the most common cleaning mistake in many medical offices occurs while the vacuuming and mopping are occurring. Often, people skip the vacuum part of their office cleaning and just vacuum the floors. While this does remove surface dirt and dust, it also removes a lot of the valuable microscopic germs that live in and on the floor. If you don’t take the time to mopping carpeted areas thoroughly – or, even worse, skip the vacuuming entirely – you’ll be leaving health risks on the floor for anyone who walks on them. Office Cleaning Melbourne

A doctor’s office often has a number of rooms, each one requiring its own unique kind of office cleaning. The most common room to see dust-filled carpets and dirty rugs is the doctor’s bedside table. By vacuuming and cleaning these pieces of carpet daily, you help to prevent the spread of disease from person to person.

If you’re lucky enough to have a clean and germ-free desk, then cleaning it daily is the best way to ensure your entire office environment is kept free of germs. Make sure that every surface in the desk is wiped down with a damp cloth after every use. You can also pick up a damp cloth from the desk. If there’s a lot of grime on the back of the desk – as happens if you work at an office where there are many students sitting around – you may need to go ahead and use a cleaner on these surfaces every day.

In addition to the carpeted surfaces in the doctor’s office and the desk, another common spot for germs is the reception area. Again, make sure to wipe down these areas every day. If there is dust on any tabletops or other office furniture, dusting them down with a damp cloth again helps keep them free of bacteria. However, if you have the wall to wall carpeting in the reception area, you may need to use some commercial room mop or your own steam mop to remove the dirt. Either way, remember to let the carpets dry completely before using them next.

Dusting and vacuuming carpets is not just necessary in the doctor’s office and the teacher’s office. Home offices should also be kept free of dust and therefore should also be vacuumed on a daily basis. Many people don’t realize that when they leave their homes for an extended period of time – either for vacation or extended periods of time working away from home – they leave behind much more dirt and debris than they bring with them. By doing a weekly or bi-weekly vacuuming of the entire home office, you will help to keep the home spotless.

Vacuuming carpets, drapes and window sills each week or bi-weekly can also help to ensure that the office cleaning services you choose are as effective as possible. It is important that these parts of the office environment to be kept clean. This will help to prevent the spread of germs throughout the work space. These things do tend to attract a fair amount of dust and dirt. However, there is no need to keep anything from being vacuumed. You should simply focus on getting them all the dust and dirt off of them and keeping them as clean as possible.

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